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Daniel Detail Canvas Giclée

Daniel Detail Canvas Giclée

The old soul had been a mystery to everyone for decades.

The Art of Paul Murray

A Brush with Life Originals & New Releases

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Browse our selection of Paul Murray’s works and discover the wisdom and emotions of these
unique souls whose culture has been untouched by the march of progress.

Artwork of an elderly lady
Artwork of an elderly man with a horse
Artwork of a little girl wearing a hat


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2024 Tour The BEATLES & Beyond Charity Concert

Date : Nov 2, 2024

Nov. 2, 3, 8 & 9th, 2024
Come together to support the arts, all live art paintings are auctioned, proceeds go to area charities

The Beatles & Beyond Charity Concert - Caesars Windsor

Date : Nov 8, 2024

Come together to support the arts, live art paintings are auctioned, proceeds for local charities.

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