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Daniel Oil


“The old soul had been a mystery to everyone for decades. He was always there on the farm, working his horse and living among his secrets, shrouded in mystery. He wore old engineer caps and rumpled blue denim overalls. I’d marvel at his hair and beard, long wispy and white, his face was weathered by the elements and deepened by the weight of his years. Although he died some years ago, I have never forgotten the many things about him that have enriched my life. So here it is , my first major work of Joseph Ouellette’s brother, entitled “Daniel” -Paul Murray

Limited Edition 680 21.5 × 16.5 in $462.00 Add to Cart
Maxi Open Edition 11 × 12.5 in $78.00 Add to Cart
Mini Matted Edition 8 × 10 in $54.00 Add to Cart
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