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mage Size: 84 x 55 approx
Edition Name: Oil original work in progress
Edition Size:

See Paul Murray's only major painting of the Smoky Mountains. See these ancient mountians through the eyes of a child that had fallen in love with this area since age 5. See how the mountains and its people feed his soul. A local mountain man “Red”, says, “I’m just a possum eatin’ ridgerunnr”, don’t let that fool you. He is among the most wise people I know, and hard workin’ too. Red still lives as he did when he grew up in these Tennessee Mountains, off the land. He loves to talk of the past and tell tales of the mountains. His animals are like his best friends, cared for dearly. His favorite is “Dolly” his mule. Red always a happy kind soul. Wilma always by Red’s side. They work together in all they do, The plough the garden, harvest, sell/trade their trinkits, plants, chicken and goats at the flea market. Red was forever building his ol’time museum buildings. Red was always hoping to share his love of the old ways with others that would come to his museum. He never got to complete this dream, but Paul Murray helped him share his wisdom. Wilma always at his side, Red will give her prices for items to be sold; he just walks around ‘n spouts the prices to her. Wilma says “Yes” after each price. Then Red walks off to go see what else he can buy for his museum. Wilma, left to sell all of their wears, with a list of prices stored away in her head.

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