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We-ve all had ’em – Bad Hair Days!

Hair Days

She’s pouting, she doesn’t want her hair combed. Even if its her first day of school. Just look at her as she bites the inside of her lip and stares in protest!

We’ve all had mornings like this and Paul Murray expertly captures the indignation in the eyes of this little scamp.

Take home this one of a kind Original Charcoal today!

Hair Days Charcoal Original

52″ x 47.5″

Call For Details: 519-377-7979

How Does Bruce Whaley Guard His Shine?

Hell Hounds on ma’ Trail

I imagine that Bruce felt quite fed up of running everywhere when his Uncle was doing all of the moonshining. Bruce had a shine business with his Uncle since the age of 11 so that he could help keep a roof over his family’s head.

He could never figure out why his Uncle didn’t let him stay by the still and learn more recipes. Instead, he had him run up the Mountain to get this ‘n that. He got fed up of running and asked his Uncle, but he’d never tell home why. It was a year or more before the running would subside some.

Well there came a day or two where all that running came in handy. When he was chased by the revenuers, they couldn’t catch him. Well, one did catch his shirt, but Bruce was told to keep it unbuttoned, so the shirt just slipped right off and the man grabbing it fell head over heels.

Well, Bruce finally did learn the family recipe and it was considered one of the best shiners around. All of the running and his mountain smarts kept him out of jails… most times.

Take this rebellious soul home with our Exclusive Reserve Edition!

Exclusive Reserve Edition

Only 50 issued, Size: 16” x 22″

Price $355 USD/$426 CAD 

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