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Relax and Reconnect Through the Healing Power of Art

Art & Adventure Retreat

Heighten your awareness and reconnect to your best self with some of the most talented people in the world of arts, music & heritage storytelling!

There’s very limited space in Paul Murray’s art, music and heritage retreat in Tobermory, Ontario and time is running out to book your spot!

The retreat will be held from Sept 16-21. Register for 2, 3, or 4 rejuvenating days or take 5 days and spoil yourself with Canada’s top artist and other masters in their field.

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Enjoy Fun & Immersive Experiences

The adventures are; Medicine Bag Crafting – Starry Sky Discovery with a pro Astronomer – Immersive Healing Nature Walk – Fireside Music & S’mores with Canada’s #1 guitarist & entertainer, Wendell Ferguson!

Wendell Ferguson

A Legend Performs!

Thursday, September 21 at 7:00pm is an open concert.

Sponsored by The Rotary Club of Northern Bruce Peninsula.

Location: Rotary Club of North Bruce

59 Main Street, Lions Head, ON, Canada

$25/ person. Very LIMITED SPACE.

Relax and Reconnect Through the Healing Power of Art

Art, both viewing and creating it, can have calming and healing effects on the mind. See how art, music and dance can positively affect the brain and body in this article from the Washington Post. Read Now.

If you’ve been feeling disconnected or overwhelmed by life’s daily stressors, join us at the Art & Adventure Retreat and enjoy the full healing potential of our immersive art experiences.

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Sept 16-21. Register for 2, 3, 4 or 5 Days

Prices Starting at $155.

Single artist & groups of 3-4 welcome.

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Enlightening Nightly Adventures!

A star-filled night sky

Do the ideas of Star Nurseries, Planetary Nebula and Coloured Stars intrigue you? Do you want to know how to distinguish stars from the planets? Join us and discover the wonder and mystery of our Peninsula’s dark skies by taking part in the Starry Sky Discovery adventure at our Art & Adventure Retreat Sept 16-21 in Tobermory, ON.

This program is lead by a professional astronomer who will provide their large telescope and scientific knowledge while enchanting you with fascinating stories about the night skies!

Don’t miss out on this unique experience!

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Order Our Exclusive Royal Museum Canvas Edition of B-B-Big Bear

B-B-Big Bear!

Looking into the bear’s eyes, they seem to say, “Uh Oh, what do I do now? Do I run? What is that man going to do?” He seems not to be threatened, but he seems a little stunned and to be evaluating the situation. B-B-Big Bear would like to get back to that deliciously rich honey he found in this old log. It looks like he’s wearing half of it on his snout. The forest leaves are sticking to his head and he’s attracted a small flying friend as well. This image is a must see in its large glory, Paul really has a way of telling stories, without saying a word. Take your screen and blow up the image and discover the entire story told by the fingers of a master.

Embrace timeless artistry: Introducing Paul Murray’s Exclusive Royal Museum Edition

Immerse yourself in the beauty and permanence of this frameless museum archival canvas edition, crafted specifically for you.

Paul Murray is always on the leading edge of the industry, don’t miss his exclusive museum archival canvas giclée images – no frames needed!

All Exclusive Royal Museum Canvas Editions have certified museum canvas and archival giclée inks that last 100’s of years. Each one individually printed just for you!

Exclusive Royal Museum Canvas Edition

Only 35 issued, Size: 36” x 34″

Reg. Price $2400USD/$2880 CAD  Now $1995 USD/$2394 CAD

Offer ends Oct 15, 2023.

Bronze Edition

Size: 18” x 17″

Reg. Price $275 USD/$330 CAD Now $225 USD/$270 CAD

Offer ends Oct 15, 2023.

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Do You Have Any Questions?

Do you have any questions about the retreat? Would you like an invite on the bonuses and inclusions on the all inclusive? Please reach out!

Call: 800-567-3220.

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