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That’s a B-B-Big Bear!!

B-B-Big Bear!

Exclusive Royal Canvas Edition

Only 35 issued, Size: 36” x 34″

Reg. Price $2400USD/$2880 CAD  Now $1995 USD/$2394 CAD

Offer ends Oct 15, 2023.

Bronze Edition

Size: 18” x 17″

Reg. Price $275 USD/$330 CAD Now $225 USD/$270 CAD

Offer ends Oct 15, 2023.

An exclusive from Paul Murray, order our “Exclusive Royal Canvas Edition.” Get the closest thing to the original’s size and feel with a rare sketch of his adorable Bear friend from the Smokies.

Save a fortune on framing with our Exclusive Royal Museum Archival Canvas giclée! It has a “PM Gallery Wrap” with some of Paul’s sketching wrapped around a 2″ canvas frame – there are no custom frames needed! Only 35 giclee’s have certified museum quality canvas and archival giclée inks that last 100’s of years.

Only 35 people can own this Royal Museum Canvas Edition. Each one is individually printed just for you. You can hang them above most fireplaces without worry.

Looking into the bear’s eyes, they seem to say, “Uh Oh, what do I do now? Do I run? What is that man going to do?” He seems not to be threatened, but he seems a little stunned and to be evaluating the situation.

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B-B-Big Bear & Paul have had a few neat moments, read an excerpt from a story that Paul Murray wrote below and click on “Read More” to get the full story.

If you are ever confronted with any bear they say to make noise and become as big as you can.

Mountain Memories from my journal – Paul Murray – A Very Bear-ry Silly Short Story

One morning I was looking out the kitchen window and saw all the bear-ries on the ground. I said “What kind of varmet would do such a thing?” KatiJane my wife knew what happened, so I guess she was the bear-er of the bear-y bad news. I couldn’t bear what she had to say. So, right out to the barn I went looking for some rope. I couldn’t find any, so I used some bear wire and with my bear hands. I got the bear wire and tied up that weight bear-ing black Bear-y bush.

Then all of a sudden, our little 3 year old comes a runnin’ out of the back door, bear-foot and bear bottomed. She’s so fast we could bear-ly catch her. Then this old truck pulled into our driveway with a bear cage on the back, and a man and lady got out of the vehicle and said, “Would you happen to be Paul Murray the artist?”

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Join Us For a Healing Experience

Book your 2 days or more now! There’s very limited space in Paul Murray’s art, music and heritage retreat in Tobermory, Ontario from Sept 16-21.

Stay & play with us while learning art secrets of Paul ‘s and the masters. Lessons are in our heritage log cabin believed to have been built by Walt Disney’s grandpa in the 1830’s.

The adventures are; Medicine Bag Crafting – Starry Sky Discovery with a pro Astronomer – Immersive Healing Nature Walk – Fireside Music & S’mores with Canada’s #1 guitarist & entertainer.

The musician for our intimate home concert will be none other than Canada’s most awarded guitarist Wendell Ferguson! He’s played & recorded with Shania Twain, The Dixie Chicks, Gordon Lightfoot and many world greats.

Thursday, September 21 at 7:30pm is an open concert Sponsored by The Rotary Club of Northern Bruce Peninsula.. $25/ person.

Location: Rotary Club of North Bruce. 59 Main Street, Lions Head, ON, Canada. Everyone is invited. Very LIMITED SPACE.

Art, both viewing and creating it, can help people to reach a calm and meditative state. Step away from the stressors of your daily life and discover these mindful states through creating art. Past retreaters say “It is a cherished experience.” So, don’t miss out!

Prices Starting at $155.

Single artist & groups of 3-4 welcome.

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Craft Your Own Medicine Bag!

The mountains, I become a part of it…

The herbs, the fir tree, I become a part of it.

The morning mists, the clouds, the gathering waters, I become a part of it.

The wilderness, the dew drops, the pollen…I become a part of it.

– Navajo Chant

Traditional Native American medicine bags are small bags or bundles that have been filled with items of significance to the owner and are carried for spiritual protection.

The contents of a medicine bag can vary. They can contain seeds, herbs or special stones or other small items of spiritual value that are meaningful to the owner. These precious medicine bundles can possess powers for protection, good luck or healing.

Learn how to craft your own medicine bag at our Art and Adventure Retreat in Tobermory, ON. This activity is lead by a local indigenous woman who will offer insights into the tradition.

Medicine Bag crafting is just one of many healing experiences that await you at our Art & Adventure Retreat. Explore the night sky with astronomers and local teachers or enjoy music and s’mores by the fireside. There’s so much to experience, so don’t miss out on the adventure!

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Do You Have Any Questions?

Do you have any questions about the retreat? Would you like an invite on the bonuses and inclusions on the all inclusive? Please reach out!

Call: 800-567-3220.

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